I've been using a vitamin supplement called Anziafen for my anxiety now for over a year. I was finally able to get off my medication. Thanks for making this great product. 

J Mora

I started using Divine because my nails were very thin and they always were breaking off.  After 3 months they are stronger than ever.  Seems like i cut my nails every 10 days or so now. I also noticed my skin seems shinier.

 N Johnson

Rema - D got rid of my hot flashes and my husband says i'm finally not irritable anymore.

C Madsen

I used X-Pulsion 16 oz Berry. It made me feel refreshed. I love that it contains electrolytes. 

T Jones 

The X-Pulsion 5 day cleanse helped me quit smoking cigarettes. I still had the cravings but it flushed the nicotine right from my system. I feel like between taking X-pulsion 5 day and quitting smoking that my acne is getting better. 

L Hernandez

If you are looking for a great product to remove toxins from your hair follicles,  use the X-Pulsion cleansing shampoo. I used it 3 times now and I highly recommend it.

F Barnes

Exciting News


You can find all of Full Health and Cleansing line at your favorite ma and pa Health Store, Pharmacy, and Adult Shop and our full Cleansing line at Smoke Shop,  and Adult Shops  throughout the U.S.A. 




Q-Can I take prescription medication if I am taking Anziafen? 

A-Please consult your doctor for more information.

Q-Can I take 2 pills daily if my anxiety is in overdrive? 

A-Yes you can do up to 2 capsules daily as needed.

Divine - 

Q-What will Divine do for me?

A-Divine can help strengthen your nails, help with the elasticity and smoothness of your skin, and help your hair thicken.

Rema - D:

Q-Can I take 2 pills daily if my hot flashes and irritability kicked in? 

A-Yes you can do up to 2 capsules daily as needed.


Q-Can i drink more water than what is recommended on the product?

A-No only drink exactly what is stated on the package or you will flush the cleansing liquid from your system not allowing X-Pulsion to cleanse your system properly.


Q - Is my product i bought expired?

A - More than likely not. The date on the bottle is the 

mfg date = Manufacture Date usually good for 3 years from the date on the bottle. 

Return Policy


If for any reason you are unhappy with a product that we distribute you can simply email us at www.herbalextreme.org. Please send the upc code, a receipt, the reason you are returning it and what product you would like to exchange it for. We will  exchange it for a  product of equal or lessor value.

All returns must be received within 30 days from receipt. One return per household per year.

When will my product ship?


All orders placed before 2:30 p.m.  Monday thru Thursday will ship same day. Orders Place on Friday before 1:00 p.m will ship the same day. Any orders placed after hours or on weekends will ship the next business day.